DNA paternity testingA paternity test works by comparing a child’s DNA profile with that of an alleged father, and possibly the mother as well. A child inherits half of their DNA from their mother and half from their father, therefore a DNA paternity test reveals whether the child has inherited DNA from the alleged father. When individuals are biologically related, such as parent and child, their DNA profiles show predictable patterns of genetic inheritance.

Custom Paternity test

When the alleged father is unavailable to provide a buccal sample for paternity testing, DTL will process alternative samples containing his DNA . Please refer to our Forensic Services for more information on other types of samples we test.

DTL DNA paternity tests offer:

  • Premium quality Paternity Testing using 16 genetic markers
  • 99.999% accuracy guarantee for inclusions; 100% for exclusions
  • Testing of father, child and mother (mother is optional)
  • Check your test status online and view test report when ready
  • Fast results in 3 working days