Please be careful !!!

Customers who wish to do DNA testing that respect everyone Now found some private companies. Claims to send DNA samples to be examined abroad by charging at a low price similar to the government agency as a temptation
This allows customers to believe and decide to get the service which in fact cannot be made cheap Due to the instruments and chemicals which are very expensive. Only government agencies can keep the prices low. Because the state agency has the government’s budget to support and subsidize the cost.


This action is deceiving those who wish to test their DNA to solve their doubts and is a waste of money . They receive inaccurate and false results It can be noted that the results of the test from the said company are often positive (correlated) so that customers will not be attracted to the results. But many customers still doubt the results Therefore, they request a new inspection with our company or some government agencies
The results of the examination were completely contrary to the said company
We therefore request you to be careful And please, please use your best judgment before spending money on big things that affect a person’s entire life.
** If customers wish to get DNA testing at a low price, we recommend that you receive services from government agencies only.


Before you decide to have a #DNA check, please make sure, if you don’t want to be cheated!

Go to see the examination site by yourself

See the evidence /check the registration number that has been certified

Where is it sent? Check the lab name and request details, phone number and email.

Who signs the report / does it have a license?

DNA Testing Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

DNA Testing Laboratory Co. Ltd (DTL) is the first private company in Thailand which offers a comprehensive, affordable range of DNA tests for human identification. DTL was established on 3rd June 2011 to support the customer’s requirements. Currently in Thailand, only Government hospitals offer limited DNA testing services, which may not meet the desired needs of each individual customer.

DTL offers the greatest accuracy >99.9999% and reliable DNA tests. Our company utilizes the latest technology 24 genetic marker tests for DNA testing on a wide range of biological samples. You can be confident in the DNA testing procedure that your samples undergo. Your samples will be tested under the supervision of our specialist. DTL also provides a rapid service, with DNA test results available within 3 working days after our laboratory has received your samples. DTL ensures that all matters of DNA testing are kept private, personal and confidential. DTL respects your privacy and strictly enforces complete confidentiality for every DNA test.

We have the DNA sample collection service on weekends and holidays.

Home DNA collection kit at-Home Reliable DNA Test kit.

DNA Test

Results in 3 working days
Customer confidentiality is very important

Our services

 Call Center:
+6698 556 9644

ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Accredited laboratory by Bureau of Labaratory Quality Standards, Ministy of Public Health Accreditation No.1241/56 And entrusted by several leading private hospitals to analyze the DNA for Their patients.


The Laboratory of DNA Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd. has been accepted as an accredited laboratory complying with the ISO/IEC17025:2017 and the requirement of the Bureau of Laboratory Quality Standards


Inform status of certificate in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017


DNA Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd. has been appointed as a working group for drafting the regulations of the Council of Science and Technology Professionals in the profession of science and technology , particularly in the field of forensic science control .
It is the only private company invited to join the government sector.


What is DNA testing?

DNA testing is a complex scientific process that is the most precise and definitive method available for determining relationships between people. Everyone is born with their own genetic blueprint known as DNA. Every child inherits a unique mixture of DNA from their parents, therefore, no two people in the world have the same genetic code except for identical twins. Due to this fact, DNA identification provides a conclusive way to determine biological relationships. Consequently, DNA typing has become the most accepted method of proving (or discounting) a family relationship.

How does DNA testing work?

A qualified member of DTL will take a buccal swab from each customer wishing to be tested. During this process a sterile mouth swab will be rubbed gently and painlessly, for 20 seconds, on the inside of both sides of your mouth to collect a sample of buccal (cheek) cells. This is a simple, non-invasive method which uses the same force as you would use to brush your teeth.

How long will the test take?

DTL produces standard reports within 3 working days from when we receive the samples in our laboratory. A qualified member of DTL will take a buccal swab from each customer wishing to be tested. This sample will be passed directly to our laboratory. The DNA test will begin when our laboratory receives the sample.

What age can a child be tested?

A child can be tested at any age after birth. Using mouth swabs makes the testing of children safe and painless.

Does the mother need to be tested in a paternity test?

It is possible to perform a DNA Paternity test without testing the mother. However, the results will be more conclusive if the mother is also tested.

Is the DNA test accurate?

The DNA test is used to determine whether individuals are related, therefore the test will: prove 100 % that the individuals tested are not related (exclusion) demonstrate a 99.999 % confidence level or probability that the individuals are related or are a parent of the child tested (inclusion).

DTL utilizes the advanced technology, guarantees an accuracy results and entrusted by several leading private hospitals to analyze the DNA for their patients.

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DNA Testing Laboratory Co.,Ltd.
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: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
We have the DNA sample collection service on weekends and holidays.

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Weekend and holiday : please contact
Mobile: +6698 556 9644

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ໂຮງໝໍ ບີ ແອລ ແອລ
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Bane Sangnamane Nakhone Pakse Khouang Champasac
By Dr. Bounthiam KHISIRIVONG ດຣ. ບຸນທຽມ ຄີສີຣິວົງ
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Myanmar (Yangon)

Lin Yaung Chi Clinic

Lower Kyeemyindaing Rd, Yangon 01 220 396
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Chiang Rai Provice

(Mueang District)


+6653 740 548, +6699 235 4114
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Work time 07.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.  Everyday

Chiang Mai Provice

Central Chiang Mai Memorial Hospital

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Phayao Province

SirinLab Phayao Medical Clinic

696/21 Lake Avenue (Aurora), Amphoe Muang Phayao, Phayao

Khun Siriyaphorn +6686-7354342 ID line : Prettysirin

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Work time Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
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Muthita Medical Clinic (Chum Saeng)

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Muthita Medical Clinic (Chum Saeng)
Muthita Medical Clinic (Chum Saeng)

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