A toothbrush can be a good source of DNA if it has not been contaminated. The more the toothbrush has been used the more DNA is likely to be available, therefore it is better to send an older toothbrush rather than a new one. The success rate of obtaining a DNA from profile from a toothbrush is influenced by a number of variables such as the usage of the toothbrush and the storage conditions. When submitting a toothbrush for DNA testing please ensure the following:

• Wear gloves when handling the sample to avoid contamination
• Do not touch the head or bristles of the toothbrush
• Air dry the toothbrush by placing in a glass with the bristles facing up for 1 hour
• Place the dry toothbrush in the envelope provided and send to DTL for testing

To dry toothbrushes
• To allow toothbrushes to dry place them bristle-end up in a clean empty glass.
• Put the glass in a safe, clean area, allowing the toothbrushes time to dry.
• Always ensure that you do not mix up or contaminate the toothbrushes, keep toothbrushes from different participants in a separate glass.

Finally, place the envelopes or plastic bags into the DTL self-addressed envelope with your submission form and send back to DTL for processing. Please remember to affix a postage stamp.